Collagen Banking


Collagen Banking refers to the concept of boosting collagen production earlier in life so you will have more when your skin begins showing signs of aging. You arent saving your collagen for a rainy day but you are addressing the decline of it’s production that begins in our late 20’s.

Many studies have proven that the body starts losing collagen & elastin during our late twenties. This occurs because enzymes in our body begin to break down collagen faster than the rate that the body naturally replenishes it. In response, many younger women & men have decided to be proactive in the pursuit of preventing the inevitable signs of aging and start collagen rebuilding treatments.

When you consider both the preventative & rejuvenating effects of Ultherapy – I think it’s a no-brainer. I wish Ultherapy was available in the USA when I was in my late twenties & early 30’s!

One important point to make is that in order for your Ultherapy treatments to remain effective in Collagen Banking , it is recommended that you repeat the treatment every 2 years.


In the hands of an experienced Ultherapist, I think starting Ultherapy in your late twenties is a safe, effective tool in your anti-aging arsenal. Because Ultherapy can get to many different depths of the skin, I see it as the most effective way to regrow collagen at multiple levels.