Skin Care Saturday with Mindy Armandi

Recharge and Energize with Some Self Love

Hi everyone, and welcome to another week of Skin Care Saturday! It’s Mindy Armandi, what I want to talk about this week is the importance of feeding your soul. Recharging your batteries. Resetting and taking some time to care for yourself with love.

Beauty comes in many different forms. With how crazy life can get, we need to remind ourselves how important it is to remember the beauty of your soul – your essence. It’s important to do something that makes you feel good. Something that leaves you feeling recharged, renegerized, and refreshed. 

Last Friday night, I had a chance to go to a painting party with girlfriends of mine. It was so much fun and playful. It’s so important to reawaken your inner child and “play.” What was one of your favorite hobbies you once found such pleasure in? Maybe you had to sideline it in favor of more “adult” responsibilities. It’s time to bring it out of storage! Be a kid again a few minutes a week! 

Personally, I often feel that my life is TOO serious and responsible. Between work, my children and husband, the house, and my furry babies to care for; life can be challenging. I try to make time to nurture my relationships with extended family as well as friendships – I often forget to carve out “me time.” But this is essential to my health and my inner beauty.

Collagen Queen’s Corner: Tip of the Week

Sometimes it’s important to remember, even as adults (especially as adults), we have to take time to play. Maybe pull out a board game, finger paint, dance with no one watching, hum a tune, etc. However “playing” looks for you in your life, just do it! , that’s my tip for this week! 

By taking time to recharge, you invest in your physical and mental health to build a healthier, more sustainable future for yourself. Even short breaks to get some air or take a walk make a huge difference. Taking time for yourself also helps to reduce stress. Unmanaged stress can create havoc on your skin causing blemishes, and premature fine line and wrinkles. So regardless of what you choose to do to feed your soul, always create time to play and recharge your battery and your energy – that glow will show from the inside out.

Be sure to check back next week. I have something exciting in store for all of you! See you soon.