Ultherapy is a non-invasive FDA approved2 skin tightening treatment. Let this clinically proven process1 tighten your skin!


“I started receiving Ultherapy Treatments with Mindy 5 years ago. I was 37 years old and a high energy self employed business owner that didn’t feel the need to rest…I was to busy…But my skin had other plans. The lines were get deeper and appearing more rapidly and I was looking old! I remember coming home from my first treatment and my husband (not knowing) said “Wow – did you get a facial? You’re skin looks great!” This from the man that notices nothing!

I have since returned at least 5 times over the past 5 years. As time passes and life changes. It becomes so necessary to stay ahead of keeping your body looking as young on the outside as you feel on the inside.

After the birth of my daughter in 2014, I was diagnosed with an allergy to all chemical preservatives. This meant no more wrinkle creams among so many other things. Which truly makes Ultherapy my “go-to ” even more as it is the only non-invasive, no needles, no serums – just heat! Keeping perfectly inline with our organic healthy living lifestyle.

Not to mention Mindy is the most genuine, gentle and calming human you may come in contact with especially in the beauty industry.

You will arrive intrigued and curious and you will leave relaxed and on the path to a more subtle return of youthful skin!”*

Antoinette Piazza-Mundinger


“If you want immediate and real results in looking younger, I highly recommend seeing Mindy Armandi, the owner and certified Ultherapist at Rejuvalift LLC. I wanted my face to look as young and vibrant as I feel. I live a healthy lifestyle and was searching for a noninvasive method. After the treatment, my face looks fuller, my skin tighter and the deep wrinkles between my eyebrows and my laugh lines look smooth and visibly reduced. Mindy told me exactly what to expect and was very gentle and thorough. She’s very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I felt very comfortable and safe in her care.”*




“Every day I found it immensely gratifying to look in the mirror, anticipating what new liftening & tightening change I would see in my skin as I regrew my own natural collagen.

I also noticed the texture of skin softened after my Ultherapy treatment as well retaining a healthy glow!

Mindy is an absolute professional and I felt totally at ease in the lavender scented, cozy treatment room.
This is AMAZING ! Age gracefully with Ultherapy!”*

Walker Vreeland Radio Host WBAZ


“I LOVE the results of Ultherapy! For the first time in well over 10 years I feel comfortable going out without makeup. My skin is brighter & tighter and the fine lines are disappearing. Other people have commented on how great my skin looks. I would highly recommend Ultherapy to anyone who wants to feel better and look younger!”*

KS Westhampton Beach


“Finding Mindy Armandi and Rejuvalift was like finding the fountain of youth! Her expertise in Ultherapy treatment which reanimates one’s natural collagen is the safest, most non-invasive rejuvenating method on the market and there is no down time or painful recovery. I saw results instantly and continued to see results as my natural collagen increased and my aging decreased. As a busy mom and business owner I do not have time for invasive plastic surgery (which also scares me) and the recovery time that goes with it. I am delighted with the natural looking results. People ask me all the time how is it that I seem to be growing younger (but not altered)? The answer is Mindy Armandi and Rejuvalift – au natural!”*

Karine Bakhoum


“Mindy is an absolute Artist with Ultherapy. She customized the entire treatment based on my skin’s needs”*

Bill Osbourne


Let’s face it – aging sucks. Of course we surrender to the state of acceptance but who doesn’t want to age gracefully?

Being a holistic person, eating only organically, taking care of my body and working with light consciousness and healing energies, injections of chemical consistency just don’t feel good to me. That is when I met Mindy Armandi. Ultherapy is my newly discovered “Fountain of youth” and Mindy the openhearted and incredibly knowledgeable Angel that delivers it to me.

I look into the mirror and I see my body regrowing my own collagen! Everything is lifting and plumping back to where it used to be, naturally… and I can’t stop smiling as I witness my personal rejuvenation!
Thank you Mindy!*

Britta Dubbels


“After receiving my first Ultherapy session in November, I immediately noticed a diference that day!. As soon as my husband saw me, he said-“Did you get a facial? YOU LOOK SO RESTED”. Which I still find amazing considering he doesn’t notice when I get my hair done!

I would describe Ultherapy as: It Feels like an amazing spa treatment that really leaves you looking years younger. It was a relatively painless procedure that almost leaves you questioning if anything is truly happening….

That is until you look in the mirror! I am so happy to have found Ultherapy! Three months later I see more & more results almost daily. This is definitely going to be part of my beauty regiment.
Mindy had me at complete ease & was so unbelievably gentle I didn’t want to leave the chair when we were done.”*

Antoinette Piazza