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Reduce the appearance of stretch marks!

Are you self-conscious about your stretch marks? Would you like to diminish the appearance of superficial stretch marks in targeted areas of your body? What if we told you that you could do all of this and more without the need for painful surgery and long recovery times?

Rejuvalift Aesthetics is proud and excited to offer Secret PRO Refine Stretch Mark Treatments to our service offerings! This innovative skin revitalization treatment levels up traditional skin rejuvenation by safely applying Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling (also known as the Secret) for dermal remodeling with minimal downtime!

Designed to effectively treat all layers of your skin, Secret PRO Refine procedures help revitalize your skin on your face, neck, and body to improve scarring, wrinkles, crepey skin, and stretch marks while enhancing skin tone and texture. Best of all, Secret PRO Refine treatments simultaneously stimulate new collagen and elastin growth without the need for surgery

The result is a healthy, new, revitalized complexion that continues to improve over several months. That’s right, you can diminish the appearance of stretch marks without the need for painful surgery!

The Benefits of Secret PRO Stretch Mark Treatments

Secret PRO Refine uses RF microneedling to revitalize and rejuvenate the skin by creating collagen regrowth in the superficial layers of the skin. During your sessions, a light RF treatment dispenses radiofrequency energy via small microneedles at varying depths of the skin. This Radiofrequency gently heats up the smooth microneedles for total dermal remodeling. Secret PRO has proven effective for reducing the signs of superficial stretch marks in as little as one session.

Getting Started

Additional benefits of Secret Pro RF Microneedling include:

With minimal downtime, Secret PRO Refine is ideal for anyone seeking to revitalize their skin and reduce the signs of scarring. Additionally, Refine is also the ideal treatment for anyone who seeks prejuvenation treatments to tackle potential “trouble areas” before they start (i.e. preventative rejuvenation skin treatments). Best of all, this non-invasive procedure requires minimal downtime, allowing you to get back to your life looking refreshed and revived in no time at all!

Reduce the appearance of your scars!

Designed to renew your overall skin quality from the outside in, Secret PRO Refine Scar Treatments use customizable Radiofrequency Microneedling (RF) technology to deliver radiofrequency energy for total dermal remodeling exactly where it’s needed. This targeted energy penetrates deep within the dermal layers of the skin to treat a wide range of skin conditions, to include:

What You Need to Know

Depending on your specific needs and targeted treatment areas, each Secret PRO Refine treatment will require approximately 1.5 hours per session. This timeframe accounts for 45-60 minutes of numbing before your procedure, and 15-30 minutes for your Refine stretch mark treatment.

By leveraging the innovative power of RF microneedling for total dermal remodeling, Secret PRO Refine reduces the appearance of stretch marks with minimal downtime. Most clients return to their normal activities immediately following their treatment.

Using a series of treatments, ranging from 1-3 treatments depending on the severity of your scars and treatment area, you will begin to see results immediately following your first treatment. These results will continue to maximize over the next 3-4 months (depending on your specific treatment areas).

What to Expect During Your Secret PRO Refine Procedure

Similar to other medical procedures, Mindy will take time before your Secret PRO Refine stretch mark treatment session to discuss your aesthetic goals and medical history to ensure Secret PRO is the best procedure option for you. You may also discuss whether or not to treat other areas of your body with Secret PRO, as well as the benefits of combining your treatment with Rejuvalift’s truSculpt iD, Secret PRO CO2 laser, and Ultherapy sessions for maximum aesthetic results.

On the day of your Secret PRO stretch mark treatment procedure, Mindy will first thoroughly clean your skin and anesthetize the treatment areas with a topical numbing cream for up to an hour. Once the treatment area is thoroughly anesthetized (numbed), the topical cream will be removed and the Refine treatment will begin. 

During your treatment, Mindy will guide the handheld device across your treatment area. The Secret PRO device is uniquely equipped with two separate handpieces: one for microneedling and one for laser resurfacing. The handpiece will be guided across the treatment area, creating controlled micro-injuries within the skin while simultaneously delivering RF energy to reduce the appearance of your scar tissue. 

With minimal discomfort, most clients tolerate their procedure with only the need for topical numbing cream. Depending on the size of your treatment area, your Refine procedure will last between 15 and 30 minutes.

One of the greatest benefits of your RF microneedle stretch mark treatment is the post-procedure experience, which requires minimal downtime. Some clients experience mild temporary redness which will significantly diminish within a few hours. Your treatment area may also feel warm like you’ve been in the sun for a long period of time, which will naturally go away within a few hours. Most clients return to their normal activities immediately following their treatment.

Mindy Armandi

Owner & truSculpt Expert

Customizable Treatment Options to Reach Your Desired Goals

At Rejuvalift Aesthetics, we understand that each of our clients has their own unique insecurities and goals for their appearance. As Long Island’s first Cutera Luminary Site, Mindy is dedicated to providing her clients with the highest level of professional and compassionate care in an environment that leaves them feeling safe, secure, refreshed, and rejuvenated. 

Whether you want to schedule your Secret PRO Refine stretch mark treatment or wish to discuss how you can maximize your results by combining your Secret PRO treatments with our truSculpt iD and Ultherapy services, we’re here to answer all of your questions. 

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