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Permanently eliminate fat without surgery!

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Say goodbye to the fat deposits in your belly & back

Do you feel like you are carrying around a spare tire in your midsection? Perhaps you are embarrassed about the appearance of your “muffin top” in your favorite jeans? What if we told you that you could reduce the fat and tighten the skin in your midsection without an invasive procedure? Thanks to truSculpt iD, you can improve the contour of your body while simultaneously firming your loose skin without painful surgery!

truSculpt® iD allows you to personalize your body with a revolutionary non-surgical, body-sculpting treatment. As a comfortable, reliable, and clinically proven treatment designed to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas, you can sculpt, tighten, and contour your love handles with minimal downtime. You can even tighten the skin in all of your stubborn “problem” areas! Best of all, you can accomplish these aesthetic goals in as little as one 15-minute treatment!

Your body on your terms!

Officially known as flanks, when love handles develop there’s very little we can do to get rid of them. Even with diet and exercise, this area of our body tends to retain and store fat cells. Luckily there’s truSculpt iD! 

Leveraging the latest innovative technologies, truSculpt iD is an FDA-approved procedure clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in those pesky areas that are determined to stick around despite all of your dieting and exercise – including your love handles. In as little as one 15 minute treatment, you can eliminate the stubborn fat cells in your love handles – even in areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise!

Ideal for clients who wish to experience the benefits of fat reduction without dealing with surgery or prolonged, painful recovery times, truSculpt iD is virtually painless and requires ZERO downtime. That’s right, and you can return to your normal activities immediately following your procedure. 

Best of all, truSculpt iD treatments will not only permanently eliminate you love handles but ALSO tighten your skin in the treatment areas.

Getting Started

Benefits of truSculpt iD

Arms are one of those stubborn areas resistant to dieting and long hours at the gym. Fortunately, truSculpt-iD offers treatments to specifically target your arms.

How does truSculpt iD work?

truSculpt iD melts away unwanted, excess fat while tightening your skin to reveal the flanks and midsection you desire! The truSculpt® iD procedure is simple, convenient, and virtually painless. In fact, after just one 15-minute session, you can permanently reduce the appearance of stubborn excess weight in your love handles.

Leveraging the power of monopolar radiofrequency energy, truSculpt iD treatments deliver heat to the entire targeted fat layer without damaging the surface layers of your skin. These targeted fat cells are destroyed and naturally eliminated from your body through the lymphatic system.  

Completely customizable, truSculpt iD allows you to target areas where stubborn fat lingers (like in your chin, arms, and love handles). According to Cutera data, patients lose an average of 24% in body fat after just one treatment. Additionally, truSculpt iD helps to tighten sagging skin and temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.

what you need to know

Depending on your specific needs and target treatment areas, your truSculpt iD love handle procedure will last about 15 minutes.

By avoiding invasive techniques, truSculpt iD uses non-invasive radiofrequency energy to reduce stubborn fat pockets and tighten the skin. After your procedure, there is ZERO downtime required, and you can resume your normal activities.

Once your targeted fat cells are destroyed, they are permanently eliminated from your body. However, your remaining fat cells have the potential to expand. It’s essential to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to experience maximum, long-term results.

What to Expect During Your truSculpt iD Procedure

Similar to other medical procedures, Mindy will take time before your truSculpt iD session to discuss your aesthetic goals and medical history to ensure truSculpt iD is the best treatment option for you. You may also discuss whether or not to treat other areas of your body with truSculpt iD, as well as the benefits of combining your treatment with Rejuvalift’s Ultherapy, Secret PRO sessions for maximum aesthetic results.

On the day of your truSculpt iD treatment, Mindy will thoroughly clean your treatment area. Next, she’ll apply the truSculpt® iD applicator across your targeted treatment area. In this case, your love handles. Your truSculpt iD procedure will last less than 15 minutes per targeted treatment area. A virtually painless procedure, most clients compare the sensation to a hot stone treatment. Best of all, you can treat multiple areas of your body during your scheduled appointment.

One of the greatest benefits of your truSculpt iD treatment is the post-procedure experience, which requires ZERO downtime. Since truSculpt iD uses radiofrequency technology instead of cutting, incisions, or needles, you won’t need to take any time off to recover following your procedure. Some clients experience temporary redness in the treatment areas following their procedure. However, these potential side effects are mild and often fade within a few hours.

Mindy Armandi

Owner & truSculpt Expert

Customizable Treatment Options to Reach Your Desired Goals

At Rejuvalift Aesthetics, we understand that each of our clients has their own unique insecurities and goals for their appearance. As Long Island’s first Cutera Luminary Site, Mindy is dedicated to providing her clients with the highest level of professional and compassionate care in an environment that leaves them feeling safe, secure, refreshed, and rejuvenated. 

Whether you want to schedule your truSculpt iD love handles treatment or wish to discuss how you can maximize your results by combining your truSculpt iD procedure with our Ultherapy and Secret PRO services, we’re here to answer all of your questions.

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