The Ultherapy Glow Treatment is a quick, non–invasive solution in the war on sagging skin1. Delivering Ultrasound energy with the FDA approved Ultherapy system2 has been shown to tighten skin without surgery.

Model(s) shown. Results are not guaranteed and your results may vary.

Tighter skin can be achieved with one hour long visit utilizing Ultrasound Technology<sup>1</sup>.

What to Expect

First Cool Ultrasound gel will be applied to the face.  Ultrasound waves will be directed into the upper layers of the skin with a hand held wand.  A warm, tingling sensation is commonly felt as the sound energy is delivered*.

Every effort is made to assure your comfort during this FDA approved treatment2.

The goal of any Ultherapy treatment is to restimulate your natural collagen & trigger a rejuvenation of the skin and tissue. Our clients report NO DOWNTIME and skin is completely sun safe*!

Ultherapy Treatment Specialist

I completely specialize in Ultherapy treatments of the face, neck & body. My twenty five years of expertise in the field of Ultrasound allows me to accurately customize each treatment based on your personal needs. I am completely committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

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